Sunday, March 2, 2008

Moms Learn How To Use A Meal Planning Worksheet

A meal planning worksheet is a great tool to help you figure out and plan what you will be cooking and preparing when. You can make up either a weekly or a monthly meal planning worksheet. Personally, I prefer the weekly one, because it gives me a good overview over every day of the week, without being too overwhelming.
What exactly does a menu planning worksheet look like? The one I use has a column for each day of the week and then rows for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. You can download a copy of weekly meal planning worksheet here.

It’s just a nice, clean layout that let’s me pencil in the meals for each day. Other versions of this planning sheet that I have seen include instructions on what you need to prepare for the next day. I prefer simple meals that don’t take very long to cook. I also keep a separate calendar on my fridge for appointments etc. This is worksheet is strictly for the meal planning for the week. By now you may be wondering why you should spend the time to fill this meal planner out and hang it up on your fridge. First off, it makes planning your meals much easier when you have a sheet right in front. As you fill in the blank fields, you can see what's on the plan for dinner the day before and after, making it easy to plan for diverse meals throughout the week.
Hanging the meal planning worksheet up in the kitchen makes it easy for everyone in the family to see what's for lunch or dinner on any given day. If you are running late, your spouse or an older child can start dinner preparations before you get home.
Give it a try and see if you don't love using this type of meal planner. Here's the link again for our weekly meal planning worksheet.

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Anonymous said...

Article was very interesting. I am going to try the weekly list and see how well it works for me. Love to cook, but like many (ok all) juggling several things and maintaing.