Monday, February 25, 2008

Faith Like A Child

One of the biggest things that my daughter has taught me is that of faith. Sure I have always been a spiritual, church attending woman with faith but I have never seen anything like my daughter's faith. Children have so much faith, trust and confidence in their moms. Faith that when they cry you will come running. Faith that when they are hungry you will feed them immediately and when we they are wet you will change them. They have no doubt in their sweet little minds that you won't be there. They have no idea how you are going to do it or what it may take for you to do this task. They just trust that it will be done. This kind of faith is what my daughter has taught me. My spiritual walk has been a growing process. My faith has been very strong at times and weaker at other times. When I look over my entire life, I see that the Lord has never forsaked me and has shown up everytime. In good times and not so good, he has always kept me from falling on my face. Since I'm not perfect there are still times when my faith is weaker. During these times, I remind myself of God's presence over my entire life and that undescribeable faith of my daughter. Her faith in me has taught me to have the same kind of trust and confidence in God. Never to doubt or question God's love and presence and to know that when I call him, he will answer.


Mark and Rebekah said...

A very intersting way to look at it. My son's only 3 months old, but the same thing is true. It's amazing to think about, and sobering to ask ourselves why we don't have that faith in God, who has always shown Himself faithful.

Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

I relate your experience and understand (in some ways) what you mean. I have found that when my plan doesn't go as planned then I am frustrated with Him, when I should have asked in the beginning. Lord what is Your Plan for me in this situation, etc. Painful @ times, always an experience (some I could do with out). Insightful. Thank you