Friday, February 22, 2008

Protecting Our Kids

Most of us will say that we love our kids and want to protect them. There seem to be a growing number of pedifiles just waiting on the opportunity to take advantage of children of all ages. As parents our number one priority should always be the safety of our babies. Thousands of kids are molested and raped by pedifiles and contrary to what most think, these sex offenders often are not strangers. They are family members and friends who prey on kids of all ages. I am surprised to hear people who still think they need to keep a closer eye on their more physically developed girl. Do they honestly think that a lesser developed girl or a boy isn't at the same risk? A former co worker of mine confided in me one day that she was raped at the age of 6 by her step father. My daughter's pediatrician told me on one of our visits that a 4 month old baby, who had been sodomized, was brought into her office. This child was raped by the family member of a babysitter and had to under go corrective surgery. These are not rare and isolated stories, they actually happen more times than not. Moms we have to pay close attention to who we bring into our kids lives. We must be selective about boyfriends, step fathers, uncles, friends and some time even biological fathers. All it takes is one time to devastate and ruin your child's life. We must also believe our kids when they come to us the first time, not let this linger and act quickly to get the child and yourself out of that situation. Our kids must feel that they can trust us. They must know that mom will protect them and will not put a boyfriend or step father ahead of them. Why would a woman want a man that is making sexual advances towards her child anyway? It is never the child's fault. It does not matter how developed or what that daughter was wearing. No adult man has the right to touch her inappropriately.

Another co worker of mine told me how she was raped by her mom's boyfriend when she was only 11. Not only did her mom take the word of the boyfriend over hers but didn't end things until this no good for nothing was caught with another woman. Stories like this repulse me. This woman didn't end things when her daughter was raped by this man but when he cheated with another woman. What did she tell her daughter in this situation? She told her that her words and life was not valuable. This co worker experienced years of emotional issues along with addictions trying to cope.

I encourage any child or teenager to tell a teacher or counselor at school if your parent won't listen. The school is obligated by law to report these matters. But seriously moms, our kids should not have to go to a 3rd party if we just listened to them the first time. You say you love them right?

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