Saturday, February 23, 2008

Your Babies May See the First Black President

Moms can you believe it? Your babies may very well see the first black president of the United States! I never thought that I would see it in my life time but I may be wrong. I thought that I would see a woman in my life time as president before a black man. This time in history makes me extra proud. This is the role model we have been waiting for. Our babies deserve to see more than the famous black athlete and entertainer. The leader of the richest country on the planet and the free world and he looks just like them. My vote is for Obama and not just because he is black but because he truly stands for change. He can do the job. So called experienced leaders in the past have created a mess in our country. If we don't put the right person in office, what kind of legacy are we leaving our kids. I don't know about you but I want to leave an inheritance for my kids and not my debts and mess to clean up.
Mocha Moms please get out and do your thing. Vote for the best man.

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